Publiť le 18 novembre 2009

Emilie Bonet

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Thanks to Leagues O’Toole met few weeks ago in Whelan’s where he is the music supervisor, I discovered a great website. Indeed, aside from the interview (the French version is here and here is the English one), Leagues who enjoys french music very much adviced me to have a look on a website made by the French Vincent Moon whose he admires the work.

This crazy genius has created an amazing web site called la BlogothŤque. In few words, Vincent Moon’s BlogothŤque is a choice cut with a simple concept i.e filmed famous musicians in disconcerting situations. The purpose is not to bother his guests but to keep instead in « take away shows » these tasty moments made when artists agree to take part in acoustic sessions filmed during the day or at nightfall. These sessions are mainly done in Paris, but regular visits on the website will let you discovering videos in Belfort to stay in France or abroad like in Mali, Japan or United States.

On the menu, and this is obviously a non-exhaustive list, you could watch and listen over and over again, Sigur Ros playing in an inner circle in a Parisian cafť just before a big concert, Vampire Week End embarked in a small van or Animal Collective playing under a bridge with a shopping trolley and on second thoughts, with anything found outside. So, what could we say ? Thank you Leagues !

One last « take away show » for the road ? Filmed in 2008 during Mount Zion and Tra la la band’s concert in La Maroquinerie, this video is apart from other « take away shows » especially because the Mount Zion is not filmed in a disconcerting situation by Vincent Moon. But honestly, I just can’t resist to add it because it’s such a sublime video. This is Gaspar Claus, cellist and Vincent Moon’s friend who made it.

Lien : Site web de la BlogothŤque